ISTOP SPAMAT is a leading harbour company specialised in embarking and debarking at the ports of Bari, Molfetta and Barletta, led for over 40 years by Captain Dr. Totorizzo Vito Leonardo. Thanks to his foresight and continuous efforts, it is now a reference point for the entire regional economy.

Born in 1977 in the port of Molfetta, the company has expanded over time, satisfying the needs of an increasingly diversified clientele and managing a total of approximately 2.5 million tons of goods per year, ranging from bulk goods of all kinds to exceptional packages (PROJECT CARGO), including containers, and managing a terminal used exclusively by MSC SA.

In 1994, thanks to a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a loyal clientele, he directed his bow towards the port of Bari, becoming the first port enterprise. In fact, the choice proved successful, thanks to the ability to understand the evolution of the dry bulk market and consequently the orientation of shipping companies to build larger ships able to meet the needs of economic operators in the Apulian cereal sector.

From 1994 to today, the company has continued its growth project by concentrating investments in machinery and unloading equipment, equipping itself with large-capacity mobile port cranes (MHC, LIEBHERR) (up to 144 tons on hook), suitable for large ships.

The company continued its search for customers in the project cargo sector to respond to the need for a market in strong growth and in that of the goods to be containerized, until it was rewarded its perseverance in 2011, with the terminal activity for the prestigious company MSC SA, world leader in teus / ship capacity.